Why girls are solely judged by appearance?

Guys, so did you ever thought why girls are incisively judged by the people just by their appearance? From the length of her skirt, the tightness of her jeans to the depth of her cleavage, from the height of her heels to the color of her lipstick we all are guilty of judging people by their exterior.

The problem is that there isn’t an outfit that a woman can wear without being judged. We are trying to find meaning behind everything, even if there is nothing to find.

“You are wearing black today. Did someone die?”

“Look at that girl wearing the short red dress. What an attention seeker!”

Not only do most of us spend an absurd amount of time worrying about what we look like, but we are also the one making snarky comments to our friends about innocent passers-by.

It’s going to be a lot harder, if not impossible, to change opinions on people’s perception of what’s considered not-so-lady-like and what’s-lady-like (Aaah…I hate this one).

Women are always being pitted against each other wherever we look. The media doesn’t help much, in fact they often build walls instead of bridges.

Why can´t women act like men do with their friends and be each other’s “wingman”?

Instead, we feel like there is an unannounced competition and somehow every woman is trying to take our place as a wife, boss or friend. If women bonded together like men do, we really could make a difference.
In our country, the woman wearing saree, having minimum 4-5 inches gap between blouse and saree is ‘DIVINE’ . But, the girl wearing crop top & jeans, having gap between minimum modicum or 2 inches gap between jeans & top is considered as ‘BESHARAM’. A girl wearing shorts and hanging out with boys sharing hi-5 with them is treated as ‘BESHARAM’.

Like wow man! Now don’t you think this is the major problem in our India that is lacking the development of our country?

But, how really can we reduce this, man? Just by changing our mentality.

What really will happen by judging a person by their lifestyle or a dressing style? Does it mean that we are smarter and can judge anyone easily and correctly? Obviously you and me, both are having a brazen answer   i.e. “NO.”

So why do we judge the people? We need to change our mentality. We should not judge anyone by their dressing style. Not only the dressing style but also the skin color, looks and yeah personality. Coz’ remember, “HANDSOME IS AS HANDSOME DOES.”

It is bitter truth of Indian culture that women are judged on their appearance that which type of dresses they wear. such type of thinking be our country backward. Due to this girls feel uncomfortable. so it is my humble request that narrow minded people should get rid of this thinking to develop our country.

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